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Law Firm Leadership—Lessons from a Winning Team

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Boston Celtics President Rich Gotham speak to a group of law firm business development and sales professionals at the June LSSO RainDance Conference in Boston.  Among his many fine tips to the audience were some nuggets that I thought worth sharing:

A Losing Team is often attributable to:

  • Poor management – you need consistency and strong management
  • Poor business decisions – align decisions with core values that align with the overall purpose

A Winning Team has these characteristics:

  • Invest in the business and key revenue generating functions including:
    • CRM
    • Rainmakers – hire a good sales team
    • Customer service
    • Management consultants
    • Digital strategy – reach your market on a larger scale
    • Engage with clients (your “fan” base)
  • Compete to be the best – Hire superstars
  • Focus on Yield – How high can you price?
  • Really Understand Demand:
    • Collect data from market
    • Know the price point at which below you won’t sell
    • Know when will clients pay higher amounts?
  • Retention is key to success:
    • Customer service
    • What’s your risk score? Factors that make the firm most at risk?
  • Inspired Employees help you succeed:
    • Let them know you are listening
    • Their contribution will have a direct effect on/off “the court”
    • You are as important as the Operations Team
  • Media Relationships to manage messaging and the brand:
    • Increase visibility
    • Increase good communications
    • Relate values of the firm/the organization
  • It’s OK…
  1. Some will leave – they don’t want the accountability
  2. Culture change is not easy or instantaneous
  3. Most risk is during the first two years of change
  4. After 3+ years stronger opportunity people will stay

Last…….Metrics drive everything


Silvia Coulter is a Principal with LawVision Group and helps firms with client retention, growth and new business development strategies, process improvement and client experience initiatives. She may be reached at scoulter@lawvisiongroup.com.

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