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Law Firm Client Meetings

At a recent General Counsel/Managing Partner Forum, General Counsels urged Managing Partners to come visit them to share insights and musings about the industry. Managing Partners were encouraged to make these connections even if the GC is not a client. After all, they share a lot in common given the challenges of this fast-changing industry.  Really? We still need to be reminded that visiting clients is important? And how embarrassing that the clients are the ones reminding us.  Yet, whenever members of these two leadership groups meet, this topic comes up. Visiting can be a differentiator since it is not widely-practiced. Which leads me to ask our readers the following as you think about your clients:

  • Do you know EACH of your client contacts’ top three goals for 2014?
  • Do the clients’ C-suite executives know you/your firm?
  • Do you know what your clients’ greatest challenges are?
  • Based on the above, have you offered up value propositions on a proactive basis to align your firm with your clients?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, please do take the opportunity during the 4th quarter this year to meet with clients and ask questions that will create opportunity for building loyal clients, retaining client relationships and finding new ways to provide new services to your clients. They expect it and you will find these conversations and meetings envigorating.


Silvia Coulter is a co-founding principal with LawVision where she helps firms with client retention, client growth and new business development as well as process improvement and competitive sales strategy.  She may be reached at scoulter@lawvisiongroup.com.


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