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Law Firm Business Development: Leveraging All Opportunities

Building and maintaining relationships is what sales is all about. It’s doubtful any business person would disagree. Further, maintaining relationships with good contacts, prospects and clients requires constant nurturing and outreach. We say at least four times a year. So why ignore an opportunity that drops in your lap—the holiday season? I’ve received 6 holiday e-cards this week from firms. I have no idea who they are from. There was no personalized email, only an email from the firm overall. This kind of email is what drives clients crazy! We’ve heard numerous times from clients (we always ask!) that a “faceless” email holiday card, e-alert, invitation—whatever it may be, is useless and in fact may give the firm a bad reputation in their eyes.

So, here’s my advice, use Q4 as an opportunity to hand write a note on a card to your top 50 clients and contacts. Take the time to show your appreciation for their business and the relationship. If the firm does not buy cards, then go buy your own. I can’t stress how much this means to clients and how well received the thoughts are. Don’t believe me, ask five to ten of your good clients what they think and report back. I’m always willing to hear your feedback as well.

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