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Is Selling Legal Services All That Risky?

In our business we often hear “lawyers are risk-adverse and therefore don’t like to sell since it’s putting themselves out there to potentially fail.”  Yet, every day we take risks far greater than picking up the phone and calling a former client or contact to reconnect.  Driving and flying are two of those risks—we put our trust in others and hope they make the right decisions on the road and in the air.  But selling a risk?  Not so sure.

Sales is a process that puts the lawyer in charge of the process and often the outcome by managing his/her relationship with contacts and clients.  A well-prepared lawyer can effectively negotiate a call and discussion to an undisclosed outcome simply by facilitating the discussion and asking effective questions.  Might it fail to close business every time? Yes, but in the long run, a sound strategy for connecting with contacts, clients and former clients is far less risky than driving on today’s highways with teenage texters.  The real risk is loss of those clients who continue to tell us and their outside counsel that a lack of communication is no way to retain or grow their business opportunities with the firm.

Grab that cell phone; just make sure there is a hands-free device connected to it.  The rewards are significant for staying connected.

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