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Finding Career Satisfaction in Today’s Law Firms

A recent speech given by poet (yes, poet) David Whyte really emphasized the importance of being happy with yourself and in one’s career. Our routine chats with law firm partners on nearly a daily basis focus on possibility. That is, the possibility of finding new business by building new relationships or strengthening existing relationships. While many will say they hate business development, they understand that in any business today, being able to help build the organization’s revenue is a key part of all employees’ success.

Remember the NASA janitorial assistant’s reply when President Jack Kennedy asked “What are you doing?” His quick, sincere and proud answer was “Well Mr. President, I’m helping put a man on the moon.” While we aren’t helping put people on the moon in one sense, we are helping people find satisfaction with their careers by focusing on how they can strengthen their individual contribution to the overall firm and even make meaningful relationships in the process. Yet, if this is not what you are seeking, or what your career is providing for you, then it’s time to reevaluate exactly what is providing satisfaction in your career or what’s missing. Why? Because you need to come first. Whyte’s book, “The Three Marriages” discusses this in great detail and hits home hard for some. It’s so much easier to be happy. A client recently told me this book changed his life. If you have the time to do some Summer reading, Whyte’s book would be at the top of my recommended list.

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