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Develop Loyal Clients by Creating a “Wow” Factor

We’ve all experienced some degree of exceptional service, and perhaps taken note and provided a 5-Star rating on a satisfaction survey or rewarded the behavior with a big tip.  That’s not what today’s post is about.  It’s about creating a “wow” factor for your best clients.

What’s a wow factor?  I had dinner with some long-time friends on Friday night and I was quite surprised by the attentive service we received.  Then came the “wow.” The general manager (GM) took note of our festive reunion and happened to overhear us talk about the upcoming Dallas Mavericks basketball game the following night.  Seizing the opportunity, the GM mentioned that she might be able to arrange locker room passes for us after the game.  Wow!

The next day, the GM emailed us the instructions and true to her word, we did indeed get a tour of the locker room.  As the media mingled around and the cameras rolled, I met and chatted with Mark Cuban, Vince Carter and Dirk Nowitzki (all were very personable and gracious given the intrusive nature of our visit).  It was quite the memorable evening, and certainly one that I attribute 100% to the GM of the restaurant.   It goes without saying that I am now a loyal patron and fan.

The Lesson:  Client loyalty is earned over time, but achieving client loyalty can be expedited by the wow factor.  Wow factors are unplanned opportunities to go “way above and beyond” by far exceeding your clients expectations during routine interactions.  Interactions not only take place directly (emails, letters, meetings and phone calls) but also indirectly (website, invoices, client portals, blogs, etc.).

Consider setting a higher standard of client satisfaction by looking for ways to wow your best clients.  You might be surprised where it might get you!

P.S. I’m the short one on the left.

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