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Client Relationship Transition Guide

The legal industry is clearly in the midst of a dramatic demographic shift that mirrors the changes in the overall US workforce.  The concentration of client relationship responsibility and leadership positions within baby boomers will continue for years to come, and the march of time will exponentially increase the need for actions with respect to a) client relationships that need to be transitioned to younger Partners, b) leadership/ownership roles that needs to be transitioned to younger Partners, c) brain-drains/departing areas of unique expertise that need to be filled, and d) the realization that the coming generations do not share the same outlooks toward the profession as the baby boomer generation.

Today, I want to share with you a report on transitioning client relationships that I wrote several years ago and continue to update regularly.  While the basic storyline has changed little, interest in the topic has increased dramatically…with the march of time.

Click here to download Client Relationship Transitioning: A Strategic Challenge Facing Many Law Firms

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