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Business Development Holiday Connections

What’s the one great thing about the holiday season?  Connecting with people.  There’s no better time to call former inactive clients, to connect with existing clients to thank them for the opportunity to do business with them (the relationship part of the business), and to connect with your own team (we sometimes forget about them).  All these interactions make you feel good and builds good will into relationships.

So, why do we forget to do these things or dismiss the opportunity by thinking we don’t have the time?  I’m not sure but just do it.  As one GC mentioned to me just last week, “I really like it when people take the time to call.  It shows me they are thinking about me and I’m appreciated.”  So don’t worry about intruding on others’ time.  Connecting with people shows you care and says they mean something to you.  To drive my point home, think about your own family and friends.  Whether it’s obligatory on your part or you really sincerely want to connect, you know it’s an important part of any relationship that matters.  So run, don’t walk to the nearest phone and call those clients and contacts who really do matter.  They will be happy you did and you’ll enjoy the interaction.

Happy holidays!


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