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Business Development for Lawyers: A Minute A Day Gets Results!

What’s the most often-heard reason for not doing more to increase selling efforts? Lack of time. I won’t argue with this except to say that if you spend one minute, literally, at the beginning of every day to send one email to a client, contact or referral source, stop by a partner’s office or to make a quick call to one of them, the results will be dramatic over time. We are all swimming in emails, work and personal life tasks. This is why it’s important to be very organized with a target list of at least 50 individuals with whom to stay connected at least four times a year. With that list handy on the desk or in the briefcase, business development outreach is made simple. Whether you are waiting in a conference room, at the airport, in a reception area or just at your desk before hitting the day or leaving for the day, take a minute to reach out. What to say or what’s the outreach reason? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Visit the firm’s website and see what seminars, webinars or firm events are coming up and send the link to contacts asking them to pass on to individuals at their organization or in their network who might find the topic of interest;
  • Make a call to a client to say thanks for the opportunity to work with them;
  • Stop by a partner’s office; someone who has good client relationships and spend a minute brainstorming about teaming up to expand client business opportunities;
  • Send a WSJ or Google alert link to a client either as an FYI or to congratulate them on something new going on with their business

There is always a way to spend a minute a day on business development. Try it!

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