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A Little Reflection, A Lot of Gratitude Plus One Familiar Intention

As 2022 rapidly draws to a close, LawVision is grateful to be looking ahead to its 12th year in business while also reflecting on more than a decade of dedicated support to the legal community.

It certainly has been, and continues to be, an exciting time for the law. There isn’t a facet of daily life on Earth that isn’t touched by it in some way, shape, or form.

This pervasiveness provides as many opportunities as it does challenges. In the past, reputation alone—of the firm, of the senior/founding partners—was likely the key to securing a client. Today, it’s but one factor in a highly competitive selection process helmed by clients who are savvy buyers with a plethora of options just a call or click away.

Rightly so, old assumptions are coming under fire. What firms thought would always be true can no longer be relied upon. Partners are questioning long-standing business models. Associates are questioning…everything. Clients continue to press for cost controlling measures, even as the need for legal solutions grows. Efficiency demands and non-traditional legal service providers continue to frustrate the efforts of traditional firms to drive and expand their revenue. And while rainmakers still reign supreme, some don’t stay in one place long enough to fully realize their value, hopping from firm to firm at the first sign of instability or wing clipping. (They’re a skittish bunch, but you can’t live without them, and the industry needs more of them.)

There will, of course, be more mergers, more breakups, more start-ups, more disrupters, and more change—and the legal community as well as clients will benefit. Those lawyers and firms who can’t (won’t?) adapt will quickly lose reputation and relevance. So be it. Leadership is as critical these days as it always has been.

At LawVision, we are proud and humbled to play a small role in helping legal professionals and the legal industry navigate the ever-evolving landscape of challenges and opportunities. As former lawyers and law firm leaders, we’ve ‘been there, done that’ and are now fortunate to leverage our collective skills to develop and deploy custom success strategies for clients all over the world. There isn’t a legal assessment, approach, benchmark, culture, practice, process, sector, situation, or industry in which we don’t have practical experience.

We also know we would not have such experience without the confidence and trust you—our clients, industry colleagues, and friends—place in us each day. Our intention for 2023 is the same as every year before: Remain client focused, committed to quality, and driven by results.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy, and safe Thanksgiving week!

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