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3 Ways to Improve Your Email Outreach!

In discussing business development, I’m often asked, “how do I know if people are actually reading my emails?”  To me, the more appropriate question is “how can I increase my chances of people actually reading my emails?”   Here are three surefire ways to increase your email viewership.

  1. Create curiosity in the subject line:  Instead of simply describing a topic, create curiosity by utilizing fear, mystery or potential benefits of reading the attached in the subject line.  Newscasters have used this technique for years, and so can you.
  2. Quickly explain how the subject applies to your readers:  In the first sentence or two, explain how it applies to me, the reader.  Be simple and straight forward early in the text.
  3. End with a call to action:  At the end of the email, tell me what you want me to do (now that I’ve read the entire email!).  Explain how I can contact you, schedule a meeting, get further information or sign up for additional programs.

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