CMO Boardroom


The LawVision CMO Roundtable provides a forum for the most senior-level marketing and business development professional in large law firms.

The goal of the Peer Group is to facilitate innovative, strategic, and confidential discussions on topics of importance to the legal profession and chief marketing and business development professionals.

Member Profiles

  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Chief Business Development Officers
  • Chief Strategy Officers
  • Chief Client Development Officers
  • Marketing Partners

Peer Group Offerings:

  • Two 1 ½-day facilitated roundtable discussions held annually; one each in the Spring and Fall
  • Strong peer-to-peer networking group to share best practices
  • Direct access to the legal industry’s leading consultants

Meeting Format

All meetings, hosted at a member firm’s offices, are designed to include facilitated conversations based on topics identified in pre-meeting phone interviews with the members. Time is built in for three roundtable breakouts on issues identified to be of specific interest by Boardroom members. Two plenary sessions focus on topics of interest to the entire group. We encourage as much attendance consistency as possible so our members can leverage the benefits of networking and camaraderie.

Sample Discussion Topics

Discussion topics are always member-driven. Some recent topics include:

  • The critical strategic impact marketing and business development professionals are having on law firms
  • Firm trends that impact senior marketing and business development leadership
  • The impact of economic turbulence on firms of all sizes
  • Obstacles and challenges facing marketing professionals in law firms
  • Competing with firms in complex markets
  • Leadership attributes and models required to achieve planning and implementation success
  • The use of Intelligence in risk, threat, and opportunity analysis
  • Succession planning for key client team leaders and team members
  • Creating, delivering, and measuring value
  • The growing utilization of sales professionals for business development
  • The impact of project management and process improvement in the legal profession
  • The latest innovations, product releases, and technology related to marketing and business development
  • The function of measuring marketing, business development, and client team effectiveness
  • The marketing and business development team and how the org. chart is changing
  • Professional development and the next steps for your career
  • The revenue impact of social and digital media
  • Building successful business development training and coaching programs
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